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Le ballon ne vole pas

Le ballon ne vole pas

Le ballon ne vole pas

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a potted history

From bubbles to balloons,
an idea that took off...

The creative visionary Eugène Mercier designed the first tethered balloon in 1900. He gave visitors from all over the world the chance to soar over Paris at the Universal Exhibition.

What an ingenious and stylish way to promote his champagne.

The 1900 Universal Exhibition attendees saw Eugène Mercier’s first advertising film “De la grappe à la coupe” brought to life by the talented Lumière Brothers at the Pavillon Mercier.

Thousands of visitors flock here to feast their eyes on a more modern take on it…

A unique experience deep in the
Champagne capital…

Hop into the basket, take to the skies and your heart will soar at the breath-taking views of famous champagne vineyards and mansions on the famous UNESCO World Heritage Avenue de Champagne.

The tethered balloon is more than an awesome attraction; it’s your chance to soak up our land and everything it has to offer.

Flights last around 12 minutes.

Enjoy the silence of this dreamy and eco-friendly experience with a helium balloon and hydroelectric hoist. Not a single machine will disrupt the peace.